Choosing the topic for course paper

The choice of the topic for course paper was very difficult 

Because I understood and felt a great responsibility for that decision .

And as I want to make an excellent work I have to choose it sensibly considering my interest for the further investigation. 

The topic I have chosen is Communicative Competence 


Because I`m sure that is very important to know how to communicate with children, and not only with them .

I think that during my investigation I will able to open for myself many interesting theories ,approaches a techniques, make an acquaintance with opinions of clever and noble people! I suppose it will be a grand experience .

To tell the truth I have already begun to gather some information trying to understand my goal and task  , found some literature and watch a few videos .

And I would like to pay   your attention on one of the video which made me think about the future presentation of my course paper ! 

As for me, it is very new and unusual approach of making video and presentations using special online programme ( after my blog you can see a video example )


It`s like a Prezy, only less official 

So, there is no doubts, a hard work begins 

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