The third week

So,the third week of studying came to the end

All plans were done ,and it was really not simple.

Initially  everything seemed to be easy because we controlled situation and lived a regular way.

My world fell down when we were announced about changes in the curriculum.

Now we have five day  instead six, and i`m pretty nervous ,because i do not have any ideas how to be on time and combine all of this.

Something inside me tells that I can overcome all difficulties, but unfortunately I have very bad feature of character to make an elephant out of a fly.

On a par with this there many positive moments )

I like our teachers, I think that they are very attentive and understanding, it is very important .

One thing that is very scare is time.

Actually the luck of time and its speed ! 

Don`t you think so?

Time rushes with incredible speed...week by week

there is a feeling that we can`t understand when our practice already begins 

So I sincerely hope, that folllowing week will be great and not so difficult ) 

good luck me




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Choosing the topic for course paper

The choice of the topic for course paper was very difficult 

Because I understood and felt a great responsibility for that decision .

And as I want to make an excellent work I have to choose it sensibly considering my interest for the further investigation. 

The topic I have chosen is Communicative Competence 


Because I`m sure that is very important to know how to communicate with children, and not only with them .

I think that during my investigation I will able to open for myself many interesting theories ,approaches a techniques, make an acquaintance with opinions of clever and noble people! I suppose it will be a grand experience .

To tell the truth I have already begun to gather some information trying to understand my goal and task  , found some literature and watch a few videos .

And I would like to pay   your attention on one of the video which made me think about the future presentation of my course paper ! 

As for me, it is very new and unusual approach of making video and presentations using special online programme ( after my blog you can see a video example )


It`s like a Prezy, only less official 

So, there is no doubts, a hard work begins 

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The beginning of the third course

My name is Alyona, and I want to begin from the enormous quantity of events befallen me !

Recently I have made an acquaintance with a new subject .

It's called «Modern methods of teaching and learning of foreign languages» .

Unfortunately we missed the firs lecture, sorry for that, it was rude, we had a very interesting seminar. Interesting and  scaring simultaneously! Because there were many new, unknown rules connected with a new subject, which we had to follow during course !Actually we had two seminars, the first was an introduction, the second was a discussion! It was unusual, because everybody sat in front of each other, and could see everything, watching you while you were trying to find something to say .We discussed each question from the list of the task ,and knew one thing, that learners had a right to have a choice, and we should not be afraid of responsibility for their decision.

And, of coаrse, the  course paper !!!The Explanations were clear .

All of these seem to be so difficult and even impossible, it make me feel unhappy and desperate sometimes ! 

In spite of all fears I believe that this subject and everything what we are going to do in the process of studying is very useful and help us in our future .

Also we have already had a task to choose a topic for the course paper, it's an important choice !

It must be right, because all the following work will depend on it .

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