Teaching reading

On this week we are going to have a lesson based on reading. That is why we are to know all pecularities of teaching reading and be able to use them in our practice.  I decided to do it in advance because this theme seemed to be interesting for me. and while preparing for the lesson I found relevant and helpful information .

I used as the main sourse the book of famous writer and teacher, Jeremy Harmer 

And having read the chapter about how to teach reading I could find out the main ways of encouraging students to read extensively.

Encouraging students to read extensively

There are four factors which contribute to the success of this kind of extensive reading:


Students need to have access to a collection of readers, both at their own level and above and below it. Sometimes the library will be in a fixed place in a school, but we can also carry collections of books around to different classes. The library should have a range of different genres (factual, novels, adaptations of films, etc).


A major aspect of joyful reading (see page 99) is that students should be able to choose what they read — both in terms of genre but also, crucially, level. They are much more likely to read with enthusiasm if they have made the decision about what they read.


Students should have an opportunity to give feedback on what they have read, either verbally or in written form. This does not mean formal reports, however, since that might take the pleasure away from reading. Instead, there might be a quick comment form on the inside cover of a book, or a folder with different forms for different titles. Students can then record their reactions to a book they have read. Other students looking for a new book to read can use those comments to help them make their choice.


We need to give students time for reading in addition to those occasions when they read on their own. It is a good idea to leave a ten-minute reading period at various times during a course just to get students comfortable with the activity. It is vitally important that when we do this, we should be reading ourselves in order to underline the attractiveness of the activity.


Not all students become active readers. While some are highly motivated and consume books avidly, others don't have the same appetite. We can't force students to read, of course, but we should do everything we can to encourage them to do so.


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