The eleventh week

Finally …I have been waiting for this moment.

Literally, a few hours ago ,I passed the first variant of my course paper.

I was very nervous about it, because it was not simple for me to put it all together, and I was very glad when I knew that I could do it and did it well .

Of course I got several remarks and mistakes, almost everything connected with lesson plans… as far as I am concerned that planning is my weal point. But from the other side I think it is a great experience, and thanks to this process I will be able to avoid of doing them. It is very well.


Today I am going to teach the next lesson in the library and I cannot say that I am fully self-confident and carefree, but in comparison with the first weeks of only one thought about it which makes me crazy I set seriously and take it easier and it is also a progress! Personal progress !!!!

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