Productive Friday

I think this week was very productive.

I knew and did many new and useful things connected with the study and I `m pleased with myself.

To begin with Saturday, the week becomes harder and harder. The assignment scope fills it.

But day after day I am trying to do my best to achieve necessary aims and purposes .Sometimes it is very difficult but when you begin noticing the result of your work you do not want to stop.

This week I was responsible for Pronunciation lesson at Institute ,and according to excellent assessment I managed with it successfully. It is one of two good things )

The other is my first lesson in the library ( free English courses )

I was very nervous and excited at first .

I was  going to teach Present Continuous Tense and revise Present Simple using different types of activities .  Of course before the lesson I prepared a plan to follow and did everything concerning that plan. The lesson was very informative, students knew how to form tenses and found out the difference between them. Step by step I even lost the time! but the most important aims of the lesson were achieved and I was happy with that! I want to believe that students enjoyed with the lesson.

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