Аll the same plans

It seems that I have good news, finally I have begun writing a course paper and although the second part of my plan is still in the stage of developing, the theoretical part and introduction are almost ready, and it really makes me happy (partially).

 By the way  the theme of my course paper is «Teaching communication in English: Creating and using speech situations to activate the speech of high school students» and as it turned out it this theme is very close to me and I was really interested in searching the information. Of course, there were some difficulties concerning the references but anyway I could find relevant material.

The next important thing demanding a great attention is creating and writing lesson plans. As you remember, last week I was anxious  with my first lesson plan. Fortunately it was estimated as an excellent work and I was pleased with myself. On this Friday the task is the same, only the theme is different and I worry about it again! Sometimes I think that this feeling will be endless while I do not have enough experience like « vicious circle»

The lesson plan is directed on studying Vocabulary. At this lesson, different types of students` activities are used, such as whole class work and pair work. All handouts are presented in Appendix and the theme is Shopping.


I am going to organize the lesson tomorrow  for my group mates ,and I believe that they will enjoy.

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