Creating a lesson plan

Today I have written my first lesson plan!

I haven`t known yet the results but I could not help writing about this event in my blog!!! Because I am  very nervous. It was very difficult for me to make this plan and I barely managed!

So ,let`s turning back to  the process of such important work.

My lesson is considered to be connected with learning Past Simple Tense.

This lesson plan is directed on studying Past Simple Tense. At this lesson, different types of students` activities are used, such as whole class work and pair work.

Lesson Goals: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to form and use past simple tense, be familiar with the formation and word order in negative sentences and questions. Target Grammar: Past Simple Target Vocabulary: Action Verbs *

The first obstruction I knocked into was to find such types of  activities to keep within 15 minutes and  than more I was thinking about it than more it was making me desperate  and tired .

Subsequently, when I realized what I should do, the work turned in different way and finally I could beat my laziness and despair.

The plan was over with all necessary things, such as appendix  and handouts .


Now I am waiting the next day to check my work and clear up what mistakes I did and what I should do to avoid them and to correct .

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