A great opportunity☺

Good news

Finally we have an opportunity to improve our teaching skills and I do not mean school practicum.

Several days ago a representative of speaking club, situated in L.N.Tolstoy library, Ksenia  entered our classroom when we were having French lesson. It was an unexpected visit  so everybody was surprised a little.

The good thing that she was not alone, she was accompanied by Marina Ivanowna, always smiling person !)

It helped us  to low persistence .

Yeah! exactly persistence! because at the beginning nobody could realize what was going on!

Then she explained the reason of her visit. She told that there were many people who wanted to learn English, and because  of the lack of teachers  she decided to ask students to help them, another words to teach people English like volunteers !

The first reaction was – Oh my God! What am I supposed to do? What do  these people  want  from me? The next station was an evaluation all pluses and great opportunities!

To tell the truth  it was easy to  notice the ocean of fears and contradictions in my eyes! I was really impressed!

When they left the classroom we could not discuss this situation because of French, but during the break there was a hot discussion )

Me and a half of my group decided to try our strengths in so difficult and at the same time enthralling direction!

We have already called them and now we are waiting for callback

They promised to invite us on 25th of October  for an interview!

So let`s see what happens 




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