First practice 👌

Finally we could understand and know how to be a real teacher!

This week was full of different activities concerning two main disciplines – “Methodology “ and “ Psychology of teaching foreign languages “.

I must say that it was not so simple as I supposed, but any case it was very interesting and exciting  .

Initially we had a seminar where we had to prepare a small speaking activity for little children. As for me I decided to work with visuals to attract auditoria’s attention. I had pictures with different people and their task was to describe their appearance answering on me questions using Present Simple .

It was the main idea and I seemed to feel very confident before lesson. But when you stand in front  of dozen eyes which  are waiting something special from you your confidence begins disappearing slowly. And it was my great mistake, there was a random in my head and I did not manage with my job. The teacher made  several objective and equitable remarks and I did right conclusion about this .

At the end of the week I was responsible for preparing a 15 minutes video lesson,which consists of 3 parts: pre-viewing, viewing, post-viewing activities .

And of coarse, at that time I tried to do my best to be perfect .

I chose for my presentation a video by famous singer Selena Gomez .

The task for students was to watch the video and then fill the gaps with missing words in lyrics which I gave them.

I started my “lesson” with acquaintance with new unknown words, the next step was a watching the video, afterwards I played a video one more time and my group mates  were filling the gaps, eventually we checked it all together. If I had more time we could sing it together, but unfortunately we did not.

At the beginning I was very nervous and upset because there were some troubles with equipment, but when the teacher expressed her positive opinion I was happy and encouraged.


I think it was the most pleasant moment of that day. Anyhow Friday came to the end: great experience and good mood !!!!

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