A Great Experience

This week was very saturated .

As for our classes, I mean “ Methodology…”, they were very interesting .

We started a new theme “COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE “, this theme is very important for me as I have chosen it for my course paper ,and according to this topic we had a special activity to activate our speech ,also I can say that it was like an example and a great experience for our future of teaching .

Coming back to the activity, it was like a cocktail party firstly  ” of course without alcohol”  , we had to choose one card with some description (special characteristics) and then to find all members of our family among all students.  The auditory was full of noise and mess, but subsequently we could do it.Then we had a problem, which was an obstruction of good relationship between inside our family. The next step was to present ourselves and a solution of this big problem.

The fact is communicative competence consists of three components: choice, information gap, feedback. And I am sure we could manage them together, also thanks to this activity I remembered all these components !!!


To tell the truth I have never done such interesting and enthralling things and I really enjoyed .

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