The topic of course paper

Finally a difficult week came to the end, I have been waiting for this moment.


And of course we have known many  interesting and important things about our coarse paper .

Firstly the topics that we had chosen seemed absolutely not appropriate .

The problem is that these topics are too large and abstract to make a good, informative work .

So during our seminar we were looking trough different course papers, paying attention literally on everything, beginning from the mistakes to references and final marks to be able to formulate right questions about all those works .

It was an interesting activity

But when the seminar was going to the end we were announced about topics… the reaction of auditory was ambiguous …the truth is that we were close to the hysterics.

But then we pulled ourselves together and tried thinking up a new topics, more narrow ,you know.

And after several empty attempts, with a help of a teacher, the idea came to my mind )

Now the topic of my course paper is called «Teaching communication in English in secondary schools »

I am very glad of my choice


And I hope there will be not so many problems with searching an information 


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